Sunday, April 1, 2012

Screw waiting for D&DNext

We've got your new RPG system right here!

Or at least, we will. Once we finish it.

Now I'll admit very readily that I'm not as well rounded as a lot off other gamers when it comes to number of different RPGs played. But I can tell you that I've definitely put in the hours for what we'll call the Big Man on Campus. I couldn't even tell you how many sessions of 6-8+ hours I've played of D&D 3.x.

But my 'partners' (weird title, friends) and I have broken that game 8 ways from Sunday and back again. And honestly it's tiresome.

Pathfinder became the new hope that all us 3.x gamers hoped it would be. But I feel it to is slowly going the way of 3.x and breaking down.

So the 3 of us have decided that we're not going to wait for a big company to hand down a new game that is shiny and attractive at first only to see it quickly tarnish and run into the ground. Harsh I know, but once we finish what we're working on, you'll understand.

We've got lofty goals and dreams. And we absolutely believe in the uniqueness and durability of what we're creating that we can't help but have this level of confidence and some might say hubris.

Stay tuned. Exciting things on the way!

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